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Favorites by Treasuremytext

Seller: Rebel Futures Limited
Price: 1.99

Download Favorites by Treasuremytext free via AppsHawk.

Download Favorites for iMessage. Save your favorite messages from friends and family with this simple app. No accounts, signups or login necessary.

Open 'Favorites' from any conversation. Tap and hold a message, then copy to keep your favorites.

Anytime you want to look at your favorites, open and expand the app. You'll see all your favorite messages together.

Favorites is from the makers of Treasuremytext has saved over 15,000,000 SMS messages since 2003 for people around the world.

Finally, Treasuremytext brings favorite message saving to iOS. We've been wanting to do this since 2007 and with iMessages apps we've been able to.

We're so pleased to launch this app and hope you love it. Download Favorites to start saving all your favorite messages today.