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Find a Pic

Seller: Husam Laswi
Price: FREE

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Do you ever find yourself wasting precious time searching for a specific photo on your device? Are you fed up with having to sift through thousands of photos to find that particular shot? Find a Pic enables you to use your voice to speed up the search process and find any picture .

This is the main idea behind Find a Pic. With a few taps, you can create categories to group your photo and library content for easy retrieval later on. Features include:

- Unlike other photo finders, Find a Pic never stores a copy of your photos anywhere outside your device. You can rest assured your privacy is protected.
- Pictures that you have in your device library aren't duplicated. No impact to your valuable device storage.
- Find a picture by simply speaking to your device.
- You can customize your own categories using words and colors. Studies show that color association is easier for the brain to process for future retrieval later on.
- You can categorize pictures at the beginning of a photo session or do it at a later more convenient time. Your time is precious and the app respects that.
- You can edit photo categories, add new ones, transfer pictures from one category to another.
- You can import old pictures from your photo library in order to categorize them, without duplicating them.
- Reminders and alerts. Too busy to categorize your photos now? No problem. The App reminds you to categorize your photos when you have free time.