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Find Emergency Medical Help UK

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You probably know where your local NHS Accident and Emergency (A&E) Hospital is, but would you be able to find one if you were in another town, away from home either on business or for leisure?

And did you know that, depending on your urgent medical need, you may be better off attending somewhere other than A&E, possibly more local to you, and in doing so, be treated quicker as well as doing your bit to ease demand on precious and overstretched A&E services.

Find Emergency Medical Help UK allows you to find NHS emergency medical locations across the United Kingdom where you can receive emergency medical treatment.

The built-in data covers the entire UK including England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Obviously, if someone is seriously ill and their life is at risk you should call 999 immediately and request an ambulance and/or a paramedic. Or, if you so choose, go straight to A&E by yourself. You will be prioritised at A&E based on medical need, not on the method of transport used to get there.

However, if you need medical help or advice but it's not a life-threatening situation then you can call NHS 111 for free from landlines or mobiles, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also call 111 if you're not sure which NHS service you need.

In addition to A&E, you have a choice of Urgent Care Centres, Minor Injuries Units and Walk-in Centres that you can seek out for emergency medical help.

NHS Walk-in Centres (WICs) are only found in England and offer convenient access to a range of treatments. These include:
● infections and rashes
● blood pressure checks
● fractures and lacerations
● emergency contraception and advice
● stomach aches
● vomiting and diarrhoea
● hay fever
● insect and animal bites
● stitches (sutures)
● dressing care
● minor cuts and bruises
● minor burns and strains
● stop smoking support

Some Walk-in Centres are unable to treat young children. Call ahead to check if this is the case in your instance.

Urgent Care Centres (England only) and Minor Injuries Units can treat:

● sprains and strains
● broken bones
● wound infections
● minor burns and scalds
● minor head injuries
● insect and animal bites
● minor eye injuries
● injuries to the back, shoulder and chest

If there is not a minor injuries unit in your area, these services will also be provided by an A&E department. Some Urgent Care Centres and Minor Injuries Units are unable to treat children. Call ahead to check if this is the case in your instance.

Note that Urgent Care Centres and Minor Injuries Units cannot treat:

● chest pain
● breathing difficulties
● major injuries
● problems usually dealt with by a GP
● stomach pains
● gynaecological problems
● pregnancy problems
● allergic reactions
● overdoses
● alcohol related problems
● mental health problems
● conditions likely to require hospital admission

How To Use The App

● Use the buttons at the bottom of the map to filter location pins on and off.
● Tap any pin to see an information balloon pop up, then tap on the balloon to see detailed information for that location.


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