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Seller: David Donze
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At the height of the Great War, you command a small, aging gunboat on it's final perilous mission. Fend off swarms of Imperial aircraft and clear the water of deadly mines and icebergs. For King and Country!

Flatiron is an easy-to-pick-up, swipe-based shooter game packed with frantic action, 3D graphics, full Game Center support, and some old-timey style.

The controls are as minimal as possible: Swipe on the boat to fire it's gun in any direction. That's it! It's great for quick pickup-and-play game sessions.

Shoot down acrobatic enemy aircraft before they can attack, blow up floating obstacles before your ship crashes into them, and keep an eye out for powerup crates dropped by downed planes. Powerful gun upgrades will wreak havoc on the field of battle, but be careful - bombers, icebergs, and mines will damage your deck gun and destroy your upgrades.

How long can you survive and how many of the Kaiser's men can you take with you?