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Fluid Intelligence

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Fluid Intelligence by RETINA-AI is an A.I. App that detects macula edema and subretinal fluid on O.C.T slices. It has greater than 90% sensitivity. The efficacy has been validated by American Board of Ophthalmology-certified retina specialists.

It is an excellent tool for detection and screening of all types of macula edema and subretinal fluid such as that resulting from:

1) Diabetes,
2) Exudative macular degeneration,
3) Pseudophakic cystoid macula edema (after cataract surgery),
4) Central retinal vein occlusion,
5) Branch retinal vein occlusion,
6) Central serous chorioretinopathy,
7) Uveitis, and
8) Macula-off retinal detachments.

The application does not distinguish between the above entities.

Potential causes of false positives include macula holes, vitreomacular traction, and myopic tractional schisis.

DISCLAIMER: Fluid Intelligence by RETINA-AI is a good clinical guide which is designed to work in partnership with an eyecare provider. The exact diagnosis will always depend on the totality of clinical findings, and is the responsibility of the eyecare provider. Consult a specialist if you have any questions or concerns about a particular patient.

PRIVACY POLICY: Do not upload identifying patient information to this Mobile App. Anonymization of images is the responsibility of the App user. Uploaded images will be retained by RETINA-AI and may be used for further research and development. See full terms and conditions and privacy policy at:

PAYMENT AGREEMENT: You agree to a 6 month subscription. Your initial payment covers 6 months of service, after which you will need to renew your subscription for a fee.