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Seller: Tin Fish
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Freewrite is a brainstorming tool. It can help you break down mental barriers and rapidly generate ideas.

The concept is simple -- just start writing and don't stop. Write whatever is on your mind without editing, spell-correcting, or self-censoring. Freewrite will encourage you along the way by setting goals and tracking your progress.

Often one idea will beget another, and that idea will lead to two more. But if you're in a rut, staring at a blank page is pointless -- idea generation is the only way to kill that block. It doesn't matter if you write nonsense, non-words, or use poor grammar -- think of that as grinding the gears before you put the car in first.

Writing nonstop for 5 minutes a day can have profound impact on your capacity for creative thinking and problem solving. Whether you're writing a novel, meditating on a topic, or starting a business, freewriting will help you focus your thoughts and multiply your ideas.