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Seller: TBiOS-Total Business Integration Operating Solutions Inc.
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gHealth ("Global Health Monitoring & Communication Application") a product of TBiOS.

gHealth health care management software, striving to connect, collect and process user healthcare data seamlessly, in a meaningful way using the modern technology available healthcare mobile wearable gadgets and bridge the gap between Patients and their healthcare providers.

gHealth allow the doctors and healthcare providers to track and monitor their patients remotely and seamlessly anywhere in the world.

gHealth will provide it users to be in full control all the times of their health data feeds and it provide them the ability to (allow -or- disallow) their healthcare provider to collect and monitor their data remotely and seamlessly from the ease of their location.

gHealth will also saves lots of patients commuting & wait time, traffic hassle and reduce carbon foot print in order to visit their healthcare providers and allow the patients to immediately save money, time and reducing their carbon foot print by reducing emissions.

gHealth also provide a HIPA compliant personal health data repository to its registered users for the gathering of their health & fitness data, so in longer term the collected health & fitness data can be used to generate 3D reporting of patients health and doctors or the health providers can generate and use those reports remotely to measure, track and examine patient health and preemptively detect & pin point any harmful patterns in patients health.

gHealth fitness health share option will allow the users to seamlessly share their fitness health snap shot at any given time with any of their contacts.

gHealth will seamlessly connects with the following devices:
a) iPhones
b) Apple Watches
c) FitBit Watches
d) FitBit Bands

gHealth ver.1.0 will allow the healthcare provider to collect the following type of vital & non-vital patient data seamlessly and remotely:

01) Heartbeat
02) Sleeping pattern
03) Walking steps
04) Exercise
05) Running
06) Calorie burn count by running
07) Calorie burn count by standing
08) Calorie burn count by sitting
09) Calorie burn count by cycling
10) Height by manual user input
11) Weight by manual user input
12) Blood group by manual user input

gHealth mobile app will works with Apple, FitBit and iHealth wearable bluetooth enable products that let the users to measure, track and share their health & fitness data with their healthcare provider and help them stay on top of their health.

gHealth will allow its users and healthcare providers to automatically track and manage their key fitness health data all in one place. The sleek, user friendly screens make it simple and easy to quickly take measurements using the bluetooth enabled devices. User health information is automatically stored in user personal health data repository and also in the app in a fun and easy to read format.

gHealth mobile application will provide instant access to its users measurements and allow the users and their healthcare
providers to see how the gHealth users are doing versus their goals.