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GoldKey Phone

Seller: GoldKey Security Corporation
Price: FREE

Download GoldKey Phone free via AppsHawk.

GoldKey Phone allows you to communicate securely and conveniently from your mobile devices. It is a secure messenger, encrypted phone, and private video chat platform.

-- Secure Communication --
With GoldKey Phone, all of your communications are encrypted and hidden from the data carriers and network providers. It can even provide a secure link through WiFi hotspots.

-- Video, Audio, and Text Messaging --
Use GoldKey Phone to make Crypto calls with anyone else who has the app. Everything is organized by conversation in an intuitive interface. So you can switch between phone calls and text messages, or even video sessions, easily.

-- Multiple Devices --
Conversation history is tied your GoldKey ID account, facilitating secure sign in on multiple devices. So you’ll be able to carry on that secure conversation when you leave the iPad home.

-- Siri Integration --
You can use Siri to start Crypto calls. Just say “Crypto call Andrew”, or “Crypto video chat with Jane”. Then Siri will do her thing and launch the GoldKey Phone app to start the encrypted call.