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Goodbye anger

Seller: Portfolio Multimedia
Price: FREE

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Goodbye anger is about a child who is always angry, who kicks without stopping and his parents no longer know what to do. But one day, the fairy of good humor comes to his room and teaches him a trick to not get angry any more.

All the titles of the collection My tales, deal with specific issues about educational difficulties. In this case, Goodbye Anger, has been conceived as an instrument to help young children control tantrums. Although initially we did not do it thinking about children with special needs, it has been highlighted on many occasions as a useful app to treat tantrums in children with ADHD, ASD and other peculiarities.

We ourselves, as parents of a girl with DS (who inspired this collection of stories), think that any tool is good, but always used under the responsibility of each one, with supervision and using common sense in general.

Features of the app:

- Languages: Spanish and English.
- Narrated in both languages ​​by professional actresses.
- Pages with interactive content.
- Interactivity with some objects and sound (the idea is that the child searches the zones and interactive objects as if it was a game to find them).
- Possibility of saving pages in the library of the device.
- Optimized for retina display.


- Change the face of the character: Enables a screen from where it is possible to select a photo from your library to change the face of the character. In this way, the child can become the main character of the story.

- Coloring book: Presents the illustrations of the story silhouetted in black and white, and allows the child to color them with a simple palette of colors selectable with his fingers. Once colored, the drawings remain saved.