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Seller: Muhammad Faisal Imran Khan
Price: 0.99

Download Grocers24 free via AppsHawk.

First, you need to register with your currency (like: dollar) and an unique password.

Then you can log in and will go to the home page of the app. There you will see three different buttons. To make a new list, press the the make list button. There you will see an empty list. By pressing the + at the top left you can entry details of your items. Details include your item name, estimated amount, estimated price and unit (like: kg, pound etc.). After creating some items, by pressing the edit button you can reorder them as you like and also delete some of them as you want.

Then there is a grocery button at the bottom of the page. You are supposed to press it when you are actually at the grocery and paying the grocer. In this page you will see the items that you previously entered. When you tab a item you will go to a new page, there you need to insert the real price and real amount of the item bought. It is needed because, you may estimated that you will buy 10 carrots for example, but at grocer you found out that the price is quite high and you can buy only 8 carrots. When complete giving real values, press the complete button. This will take you to the summary page. Here you will see details of items you really bought. At the bottom press the save button. That will return you to the home page.

There you can click the old records button. Here you will see all your previous grocery records. You can view and delete the unwanted ones.

If you want to logout and want to make another profile with another currency press the logout button in homepage. That will take you to the beginning page.