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Guitar Chords Master

Seller: Loop-Sessions.LLC
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Download Guitar Chords Master free via AppsHawk.

Short demo :

Features of this app :
- Smooth switching of play mode (stroke / choking).
- It is possible to play with chord tone of specified code only. (at stroke mode)
- Open - 22 fret fingerboard support.
* It's possible to play with multi-choking.

Basic usage :
- Register the chord you want to display. (Select from 53 types of chords)
- When you select the registered chord, the chord tone mark will be displayed on the fingerboard.
- When you slide (stroke) on the fingerboard, a chord tone close to the tapped position is played.
* If you'd like to input or display all the chord patterns including tension (b9, # 9, 11, # 11, b13, 13), You need In-App Purchase.

Chord list:
M, 7, 7(b5), 7(#5), 6, 6 9, 9, add9, M7, M9, M7(b5), M7(#5), m, m6, m6 9, m(#5), m add9, m7, mM7, m7(b5), m7(#5), m9, mM9, aug, dim, sus4, 7sus4, 9sus4, M7sus4, M9sus4
(To use below, you need In-App Purchase.)
7(b9), 7(#9), 7(#11), 7(b13), 7(13), 7(b9 #11), 7(b9 b13), 7(b9 13), 9(#11), 9(b13), 9(13), 7(#9 #11), 7(#9 b13), 7(#9 13), M7(#11), M9(#11), M7(13), M9(13), m7(11), m7(13), m9(11), m7(b5 11), m7(b5 13)

Upcoming Updates :
We will update this app in the future.
- Add guitar type
- Add effects
- Background playback of the song
- Unusual tuning
and so on.

Since we will continue to update it, please comment if you have any additional features you would like.