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Guitar Video Tuner - Tuning Made Fun!

Seller: Yappy, LLC
Price: FREE

Download Guitar Video Tuner - Tuning Made Fun! free via AppsHawk.

Guitar Video Tuner is an accurate chromatic tuner for all instruments that makes tuning fun! Upload videos of from your library and swap them out as often as you like. Pets, loved ones, best friends being silly… the options are endless. Once you are able to get your note in-tune, your short video will play.

Other features:

- Auto Detect Mode automatically detects the note you are currently playing.
- Manual Mode allows you to choose the note you would like to tune. Simply tap the note in the center to change to Manual Mode.
- Choose between sharps or flats by tapping the sharp and flat signs on the right and left sides of the tuner.
- Adjust the sensitivity of the tuner for quieter instruments by changing the cents under the Information tab.
- Upload your own video for more variety. Change your personal video at any time.
- Information tab provides tips on tuning for beginners