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Halftone Art

Seller: CHENG LUNG chang
Price: FREE

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[ Halftone Art ] can turn your photo into a art work of line & dot. there are lots of art image which are made by lines and dots in our lives, the advantage of [ Halftone Art ] is simplify the complicated way for making the art images, all you have to do is select Dot Style ( Halftone ) or Line Style or Circle Style, and adjust the size. angle and strength of Dot pattern or Line pattern.

For low brightness photos, [ Halftone Art ] offers the tools for adjusting the exposure, contrast and brightness, the photo's pattern with change by the change of brightness and contrast, you can emphasize any part of photo you want by the adjustment.

There are 4 modes of [ Halftone Art ] : Dot pattern, Line pattern, Hatched pattern and circular-shaped. All modes can be changed into masks for making 4 different styles.

The difference between [ Halftone Art ] and another Halftone App is ''Synthesis'' , when pattern becomes the mask layer, you can choose images which are saved in your album or 19 sample images offered by [ Halftone Art ] to synthesize with the original photo.

Extra filters for you to create more unique images easily : Hue, Vibrance, Sharpen and Sepia.  

Text : [ Halftone Art ] offers 6 special fonts with the concept of Dot and Line, and 46 build-in fonts. All text are free to change size, color and position.

Support high, medium and low DPI.