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Hands on the Wheel

Seller: ThinkStorm LLC
Price: -1

Download Hands on the Wheel free via AppsHawk.

Hands on the Wheel entices you to NOT use your phone while driving!
It rewards you for NOT texting while driving, or using other distracting apps!

1. Have a family member or friend create a goal for you:
*First carpooling parent to reach 10,000 points gets free gas from the rest of the group?
*Reach 5,000 points for parents to pay car insurance?
*Decide on your own goal!

2. You can ONLY earn points toward your goal by driving with your phone FACE DOWN while running the app!

3. You lose points if the car is moving and you turn the phone FACE UP!

4. Share your goal or success on social media!

Simple, huh?