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Healthy Changes

Seller: Healthy Changes, LLC
Price: FREE

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Change your unhealthy behaviors and change your life!

This app was invented by Preventive Medicine researcher, Dr. Lorena Martin; Technology Executive, Jeff Sardis; and Product Manager, Jared Brandt. We are happy to bring you the comfort of therapy to the comfort of your home and very own handheld device.
It is completely based on research that has proven effective at modifying attitudes and behaviors. Psychologists and marketing strategists have used this method to influence the masses, now you have the ability influence your healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors at the touch of your fingers.
The same way you train your body by working out, train your brain to think differently to get the results you want!

Healthy Changes is an app that helps you diminish your unhealthy habits by changing your association to that specific unhealthy behavior. Most of us are constantly being influenced by food advertisements and we don’t even realize that we are being influenced and in some way discretely trained. Now is your chance to un-train those unhealthy behaviors such as overeating and being sedentary.
This version is focused on weight loss and eliminating the cravings for fattening and unhealthy foods!
Bonus: This app allows you to personalize your own training by selecting the images on your very own camera roll. So you can either use our images or if you prefer add your own images!

Download this app NOW and get started!

It only takes two minutes and you will be on your way to a newer, healthier you. This app helps you by changing the unhealthy associations you may subconsciously already have about food, physical activity, sedentary behavior, and/or smoking. It will also allow you to strengthen your new healthy behaviors!
1.Identify the unhealthy habit
2.Choose your aversive images based on what disgusts you.
3.Choose your positive images based on what you find appealing.
4.Watch and tap the screen when prompted
5.Start your training now!
If you are ready to make Healthy Changes, this is the app for you! Healthy Changes has been researched and evidenced to work!

Patent Pending.