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Healthy Dessert Recipe Plan

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"OMG this is fantastic, especially when I'm craving something sweet! Now I don't have to fight temptation!"

Healthy Desserts is a collection of desserts that are light - but no less delicious.

We believe you should never sacrifice taste, even for healthy foods. That's why we've created recipes that taste divine, but are good for you.

That doesn't mean eating a bowl of oats or fruit salad all day, nope, we've got healthy chocolate cake, cheesecake, pannacotta, brûlée, muffins, cupcakes, crumbles, parfaits, anything that you would have felt indulgent eating before, you can now do so absolutely guilt free.

Make these recipes, you'll love eating them and cooking them for your friends, plus as an added side-effect, they're healthy!

Each recipe includes calorie figures, so you can fit great desserts into your diet (and then fit into those jeans you had your eye on).

Dessert has never been this satisfying.

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