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Hockey Coach Vision

Seller: Filip Kostovic
Price: -1

Download Hockey Coach Vision free via AppsHawk.

Hockey Coach Vision allows you to digitalize all your plays and tactics in 3D and animated.

- Easy to use drill/tactic creator
- Watch all drills/tactics animated and in 3D
- Download the Starter-package with drills and exercises from known coaches for free
- Create trainings by assembling your drills and tactics
- Export your trainings to PDF, so you can print them on paper
- Use picture to describe an exercise or tactic etc.
- Use video to describe an exercise or tactic etc.
- Share your files with your players and assistant coaches
- Create your roster and lineups and export them on PDF

Future features:
- A Calendar to place your training packages, start formations and match data

- All future features are included in this version and don't have to be purchased later
- The price of Hockey Coach Vision will grow, so be sure to purchase this version as soon as possible
- The drills are constantly being added to the downloadable folder, so don't forget to check it for updates