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HSC Chemistry Palm Cards

Seller: Sanjeev Prasad
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Download HSC Chemistry Palm Cards free via AppsHawk.

HSC Chemistry Palm Cards are specifically designed for students to quickly revise vital concepts of the entire course, arranged by syllabus dot points.

They have been written by the top teachers in Sydney from the highest achieving selective schools in order to maximise your ATAR. Each answer contains the core concepts of the specific dot point, what this means is if you do not recall/understand the answer, then you have just identified a weakness and now know where to focus on the next time you study chemistry.

This is the perfect app for any HSC student wanting to maximise their study time, it’s designed to fit around the typical HSC student lifestyle. Be it travelling on the train or long bus rides, you can now simply pop out your apple device and have access to condensed and precise information without the need of carrying bulky text books or folders with notes on public transport.

It’s an excellent way of testing yourself or your friends on any topic prior to not only your HSC and Trial exams, but also High School topic tests and half yearly’s, just select the core or elective topic you would like to revise over and begin testing yourself!