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If Beethoven Was a Punk

Seller: Made in Tomorrow s.r.l.
Price: FREE

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One product. Nine songs. 13 unforgettable characters. 1 interactive graphic novel. “If Beethoven was an App” is not just a concept album. It’s a mix of rock and classical music, culture and graphic novel. This app keeps all these components together, getting involved the users from the beginning to the end.
Alex is the main character of this story – he’s not crazy as the Pink of “The Wall” neither he suffers as the “Tommy” sung by The Who. But in his own way, Alex is an anti-hero as they were. Alex is less painful, but more resigned. He’s a symbol of his musical generation – he isn’t able to make something of himself.
He’s talented but doesn’t want to become a “social network” personality.
His grandma – a funny old lady, that was a groupie in the ‘60s - wants to help him. At the beginning she drags him to a boring classical musical, but then they’ll share an unforgettable night, that Alex won’t forget for the rest of his life. Among his grandma’s friends there are Ludwig van Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Händel, Chopin, Debussy, Čajkovskij, Vivaldi, Wagner, Vivaldi, Bizet, Rossini and Dvořák. This happy group is used to meet every evening to revel and play. They’ll teach Alex that in order to become famous he needs craziness and perseverance.
And when you’re ready to risk, you can win any talent show…
“If Beethoven was an app” is a project by Made in Tomorrow. The music is by the Italian rock band WakeUpCall and the graphic novel is by Arianna Vittoria Beffardi. At the end of the app, there are 13 didactics cards, full of curiosities about the heroes of this story. Have you ever heard that Bach was the father of twenty children? And that Beethoven always lost his mind for married women?