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iHomeTouch for X10 and MQTT

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Price: FREE

Download iHomeTouch for X10 and MQTT free via AppsHawk.

iHomeTouch is a powerful X10 and MQTT home automation app, that will turn your home into a smart home. iHomeTouch is available on iOS and tvOS (Apple TV).

Simply by tapping on a photo, you can control all of the lights and appliances in your room.

If you wish to use iHometouch with X10:
iHomeTouch requires a CM15 Pro for the best experience, X10 modules and a machine running iHomeTouch Server, which is a FREE Windows applicaiton.
* Please download iHomeTouch Server at

If you wish to use iHomeTouch with MQTT:
You will need to install an MQTT broker, which iHomeTouch will talk to. We recommend installing Home Assistant which comes bundled with MQTT. Check out


* Tap anywhere on a photo of your room to turn on a device, such as a tap.
* Scenes
* Zones
* Today Extension
* Sensors
* iBeacon Triggers
* Universal app
* Much much more!