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Inflate Balloon

Seller: Globridgetech.Inc
Price: FREE

Download Inflate Balloon free via AppsHawk.

We are working on improving app quality and performance over and over. That is a challenging game where you have inflate and avoid burst of ballon to get through levels of game.

App has been made more smoother and has been updated for Apple latest technology.

This is the game where you can enjoy by challenging yourself in every level to inflate the
balloon to the given percentage number or Protect the balloon against the obstacles.

So Keep your Balloons from Popping! In order to win and go to next level challenge and enjoying….

You will inflate the balloon to the given percentage number sat running your two finger on the device screen when the balloon percentage number match to the given number then leave the screen at that matched point in order to win other wise balloon will burst if you increase balloon percentage number than given percentage number and so you will be failed.

All level of this game has been locked except Level 1. When user win Level 1 the Level 2 will be unlock in same way when user win Level 2 then Level 3 will be unlock and so on.