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InvisibleEar for iPhone

Seller: Andrea Zariwny
Price: FREE

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The InvisibleEar© operates with a downloadable pdf image (glyph) or a physical 3d printed model available at


InvisibleEar© is an augmented reality enabled teaching tool, which demonstrates the complex structure of the human inner ear, using CT data from a human temporal bone. With this app you can see the negative space of the inner ear within the human petrous temporal bone.

InvisibleEar© is suitable for hearing specialists, health care professionals and students from high school to medical school. Use this app on any non-retina or retina iPhone with a camera.


The inner ear has a complex shape, buried in the dense bone of the petrous temporal region. It is a notoriously challenging subject of anatomy to learn and often thought to be a separate structure rather than a negative space within bone.

The development of Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides an opportunity to create a digital graphic representation of this negative space, combining a digital real-time animation of the inner ear with an accurate anatomical physical model of the petrous temporal bone. This combination provides the ultimate visuo-haptic learning tool, providing accessible structural and functional information on this difficult subject of human anatomy.


To use InvisibleEar©, point the iPhone camera at the glyph or model and press the onscreen buttons to reveal or hide details. Drag a slider to change the transparency of the bone to reveal what is hidden underneath! Push one button to view all the internal space, and another to view only the bony
labyrinth that contains the cochlea and the semicircular canals. Learn and quiz yourself on the areas of anatomy by interactively displaying labels describing the structures of the inner ear.

The InvisibleEar© is the ultimate in hands-on learning.

The InvisibleEar© operates with a free downloadable pdf image (glyph) or a physical 3d printed model available for purchase at