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Isabella Barella Star Light - Star Bright Oracle Cards

Seller: Carol Garton
Price: FREE

Download Isabella Barella Star Light - Star Bright Oracle Cards free via AppsHawk.

The Isabella Barella Star Light~Star Bright Oracle Cards by Carol Garton are designed to assist you with answers from your Angels and Spirit Guides. The 62 card deck offers inspirational and accurate answers to your life’s questions and concerns. The Oracle Cards can be used for personal daily guidance or to give intuitive reading to friends and family. Choose between “Today’s Message” for a personal message, or “Ask a Question” and listen to your intuition as you compare your answer with your Angels and Spirit Guides. Share your messages on Facebook, email or instant message.

For a daily message, tap the “Today’s Message” button. Tap to select your card. Flip the card over to read your daily message. You can give friends and family readings by following the same instructions.
Use your own intuition by tapping the “Ask a Question” button. Ask your Angels and Guides to assist you with your question and then listen to your subtle thoughts and feelings. Tap the “Ready” button and then tap to select a card. Flip the card over for your message.

Carol Garton is a spiritual teacher and author who weaves her diverse background into classes, workshops and writing. She teaches her students that listening to their intuition will help them find the confidence to lead successful lives. Carol Garton is a children’s book author, entrepreneur and seasoned speaker.