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John Q Averageman

Seller: Bomb Shelter Games
Price: FREE

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Every millennium, a hero must arise to face a challenge so unprecedented that his story goes down as legend. This is not that hero. Meet John Q Averageman, a balding, 40-something with no aspirations and nothing to look forward to. He spends his days working construction just to come back to his wife articulating his inadequacies again and again and again. His only joy comes from the frothy, golden deliciousness that is his favorite beverage: Fluff Beer. One day, while sulking over the pathetic tragedy of his life, John spots something out of the corner of his eye. A six-pack of fluff, and he is just sober enough to get off his rear to go get it. Will you lead John across the gauntlet of perils to reach his beverage? Will you rise above John’s lazy nature and become a hero of legend…or some sort of equivalent? If so, you may just be man enough to become average.

Puzzle Platforming at its finest

50 playable levels in 5 unique worlds

Endless laughs…mainly out of pity

Eternal Glory

Best if played on iPhone 4 or newer.

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