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Just Listen

Seller: MQD B.V.
Price: FREE

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Just Listen.

Music — it is primely. Take it with you and enjoy wherever you are!

I know you have your favorite radio and you don’t like when someone imposes you to listen something you don’t like! We are the same!

Just Listen is exactly what you like without compromises.
We have added support for technology AirPlay & iCloud, so you can enjoy your music at home and on all your iOS devices!

Add stream URL to app and listen. Just Listen. Just listen!

* iPhone X & iPad support;
* Low energy consumption;
* Playlist is up to 7 stations;
* Displaying author and song name;
* Sharing songs name with friends;
* Night mode;
* AirPlay support;
* iCloud syncing between devices;
* Ability to copy song name by long tap;
* Support for multiple protocols,