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Ken Burns (Full Version)

Seller: Ken Burns Media, LLC
Price: -1

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**Full Version for Educators!!
This “full version” of the Ken Burns app enables educators to purchase the app using their Apple Volume Purchase Program discount. The primary version, which you can find in the App Store as “Ken Burns,” is a free download enabling users to explore the app and view one of the playlists before unlocking the full content through an in-app purchase.

See America through the eyes of award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

This app is not a collection of Ken’s filmography - it’s an entirely new way of looking at American history, only available on iPad.

Ken has been producing documentaries for over three decades, including such films as The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, The National Parks, Frank Lloyd Wright, Prohibition and Mark Twain.

View this app’s streaming video content with one of these features:

∙ Timeline view: Zoom in and out to explore a chronological history of America. Select scenes from Ken’s films to learn about that particular moment.

∙ Theme view: Select a theme (Art, Hard Times, Innovation, Politics, Race, War, Leadership) to see a playlist of scenes selected by Ken. Each playlist illustrates common patterns in American heritage. In the playlist “Race,” for example, you’ll see how moments from The Civil War, Thomas Jefferson and Jazz are related.

∙ Film view: Select your favorite Ken Burns film, like Baseball or The Roosevelts, to watch scenes from that film. See what themes appear in your favorite film and how they reappear in other films.

Ken Burns was designed with iOS 7 and Retina Display in mind, so every full­screen video is rendered in stunning quality.

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