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Seller: Bunting Software LLC
Price: 5.99

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KidsBank is discontinued. Users are advised to send themselves a virtual bank statement by email or record Kids' balance amounts and discontinue use of the app. The app was designed for iOS versions prior to iOS 12. Some versions of the app may not open in iOS 12. Use this version to access and record your virtual bank balances. Deleting the app will delete KidsBank data.

KidBank™ tracks kids’ money, allowance, jobs, charity, and pays interest for saving. KidsBank™ teaches children the value of saving and responsible spending, by doing. Keep track of your children's money, empower them to do simple jobs for extra money, and track their spending in this virtual bank account app. KidsBank™ is a great way to track birthday money, allowance, and spending. A simple, clean user interface provides a fun and easy money management tool with an ATM styled interface.

Take the app shopping, and when your child asks, “Can I buy that?”, you can offer them the opportunity to make a decision to buy with their own money. Check balances on the Apple Watch. Easily and quickly record the transaction in KidsBank™. When children spend their own money, it is amazing how responsible they become in making good choices. Add special vacation spending money to their account and track their souvenir spending. Children learn to take pride in their work and complete simple recurring jobs beyond the chores you expect them to do as a family member. Reward them for doing age appropriate jobs of your choice such as cutting the grass, doing the dishes, or taking out the trash. Print a KidsBank™ Fridge Sheet and post it on the refrigerator and your children can check off completed jobs and record deposits and withdrawals.

• create an account for each child
• virtual spending and savings accounts
• save for charity
• credits interest each Sunday
• automatically credits weekly allowance
• track deposits and withdrawals
• create jobs and reward kids for their work
• email and print Fridge Sheet or Account Statement
• automatically syncs data across multiple devices in the same iCloud account (Family sharing is not supported for sync)
• View account balances on Apple Watch

• rewards saving
• encourages development of a good work ethic
• teaches the importance of compound interest
• empowers kids
• easy tool for parents on the go
• fun and easy to use