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LDS Hymnal Scheduler

Seller: J Courtney Larsen
Price: FREE

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Singing the same song nearly every Sunday, eh?

Delve deeper into other sacred music gems with the LDS Hymnal Scheduler App—document what’s been played, see what hasn’t, filter by genre, hymn title and number of times played, and more!

Available now—start outlining and planning congregational hymn singing today!

Ideal for choristers, organists, ward music leaders and the executive secretary.


1) This app may be an eligible reimbursable expense—please consult your Ward Music Leader for details, as applicable.

2) There are NO built-in ads or in-apps purchases.

3) This app is compatible for referencing LDS Hymnals in all English-speaking countries.

4) To print-out and distribute your weekly hymn schedule, use the 'print-screen' or 'screen snapshot' feature on your iPhone or iPad, and then from your photos folder print or email that image to your desired recipient.

Conceptual Synopsis:

There are typically 52 Sundays in a year less two General Conferences and two Stake Conferences equals 48 Sundays that congregational hymns are chosen and sung at the local Ward level;

Times 3 hymns (opening, sacrament, and closing; and sometimes an intermediate) per Sunday equals 144 hymns minimum (192 maximum) sung each year.


Out of the 308 congregational hymns, most hymns sung are sung repeatedly, year after year, time and again, while other hymns (some rare musical jewels) are never chosen or rarely sung.


The LDS Hymnal Scheduling App (a sophisticated organization matrix) allows the client user to see which hymns have been sung and which ones un-sung. The app can reduce the current chicken-and-egg never-sung, never-learned, never-sung, phenomena. However, as familiarity with songs not often sung increase, they will more likely be sung and greater appreciated.

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