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LEARN TURKISH Vocabulary - Practice and test yourself with games and vocabulary lists

Seller: Pocket School - Basic education to learn for adults & kids
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Download LEARN TURKISH Vocabulary - Practice and test yourself with games and vocabulary lists free via AppsHawk.

Practicing Turkish with games and vocabulary lists to learn words
Do you want to learn and improve your Turkish vocabulary? Then this app is for you to learn new languages.If you do not have time to attend Turkish classes or language courses for learning Turkish, with “LEARN TURKISH: vocabulary “you will get to study, practice and learn Turkish words easily and without going to Turkish classes. Learn easy Turkish. Learn and improve Turkish by different options available in the app. All verbs are categorized by subject and they are all supported by audio recordings for you to hear and improve pronunciation. When you click on a word, you can hear the pronunciations. Choose from 30 subjects that we offer from A to Z (animals or colors, house, ordinal numbers, school or transportation, conjunctions or prepositions and Wh-questions among many others.)
-Choose among:
• LEARN section will allow you to study through vocabulary lists (visual cards on how to say a word).

• REVIEW section will allow you to go over the words that you have trouble with and need to revise and check.

• QUIZ section will allow you to practice with games to learn and to revise the language
• Connect the words (match the words with their meanings)
• Memory Card Game ( find the matching card)
• Listen and choose the correct option
• Build the right word by using given letters
• Sort by category (put the words in the right group)
With this studying system, you can test your memory while you learn the most frequent words in Turkish. Set your language goals: Turkish for beginners and for advanced levels.
This app is exclusively designed to learn Turkish verbs, not grammar. Download the app for free and learn quickly and easily. Be encouraged to speak Turkish!
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