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Seller: Loopius Software UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
Price: FREE

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The App“Mass-o-mat“ indicates the possible blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in litres. On the basis of blood alcohol concentration the legal consequences in road traffic in Germany are indicated according to the prevailing alcohol level. Alcohol blood concentration diminishes according to a medium-sized degradation rate. The drinking of more litres of beer can be pursued in a drink record.

It functions in the following way:

Under configurations setyour weight, size and gender. These factors have an influence on blood alcohol concentration . With „+“ (on the right below) select a litre of beer (Mass). In the beer mug appears an indication on possible legal consequences in road traffic in current alcohol level in Germany. By pressing the „+“ sign more litres of beer can be added, which are then shown in the drink history . The drink process can be cancelled and can be started from scratch.

The App is in no way suited to ascertain the exact blood alcohol concentration. This would only be possible in a blood sample.This being so, never use the APP in order to ascertain your ability (fitness) to drive or to do something similar.
Consider also that alcohol can, depending on quantity, seriously impair your health and can even be deadly.

Protection of data privacy:

The person-related data of seize, gender, weight, amount drunk, drinking habits and times of drinking are stored only temporarily on your (mobile) device and will be deleted after restart of App. The data abandon at no moment your mobile unit.