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Master Of Budgets: Premium

Seller: Daniel Champlin
Price: -1

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Master of budgets is a simple, yet powerful mobile budget application. With a little bit of set up, you can have a quick look into your budget's direct future.

~~~Manage your transactions~~~
- Set up all your repeating bills and income.
- Create repeating funds for things like groceries, gas and entertainment. You deduct from these funds throughout the week.
- With all of your future transaction data in the application, Master of Budgets will show you your minimum balance for the next 365 days.

~~~Keep a Balanced Budget~~~
- As you pay bills, you will mark them as Paid, Pending, or Posted. These statuses will match how your bank tracks your transaction status.
- The Budget Balance screen is organized by status and with a balance for each status.
- Match this balance up to your bank's statement to ensure you haven't missed any transactions or entered incorrectly.
- Easily move transactions between statuses as they change on your bank's statement to keep in balance.

~~~Not so hidden web browser~~~
- Each page has a hidden web browser.
- Assign a website to your scheduled transaction or on the budget balance page for your Bank's website for 1 click loading.
- Easily access the website to schedule transactions.
- Swipe access to the web for balancing your budget with your bank's online statement for side-by-side comparison.
- Bonus: 1Password support for password management on the web browser.

* Note on 17+ rating. This app contains a built in web browser. Due to the nature of the unfiltered web, the app store requires a mature rating.