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Ming Client

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Ming Wireless Steward Call Client V 1.0 for iOS (iPhone/iPod touch)

The Ming Client app mission is to interact with the Ming Wireless Steward Call System (

The Ming Wireless Steward Call System consists of 2 key elements:

1. Buttons
2. Clients

Whenever a Button is pressed a call is generated and displayed on all of the clients. The stewards can then answer the call by simply clicking on it:

The key features of the system are:

- Give better customer service by having all stewards informed at all time of every call request
- It works over WiFi and there is no need for internet connection allowing maximum flexibility.
- Stores a record of all calls answered providing valuable information about your business.
- The app client can also track the battery level of all the button so that no room is left unattended due to button battery drain.
- The clients can also display valuable system information
- Very easy to configure over the settings section on the mobile end.

Please note that this app is not suppose to work as a stand-alone. It is a complementary feature of the

For more detailed information please contact our sales team: