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MobiPACS Pro

Seller: EBM Technologies, Incorporated.
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MobiPACS Pro medical image viewer is quickly becoming the next generation in mobile medical image viewing by combining multi-modality imaging with individualized physician workflow. MobiPACS Pro allows facilities to retrieve multi-modality images from their existing MobiPACS Pro server or a 3rd party PACS server and display the content on the iPad and iPhone. Additionally, the MobiPACS Pro server can receive other image/file formats, such as JPG, BMP and PDF from the adjacent information systems and display the files in an organized fashion for general physicians to view.

Features include:

• Support for all modalities (CR, ECG/EKG, DR, CT, MR, US, XA, NM,etc)
• Quick layout adjustment (1x1, 2x1 etc)
• Fast image and data access over 3G or Wi-Fi
• Pan
• Zoom
• Window Level
• Manual Slider bar
• Multi Server capable
• Measurement (e.g. length)
• Auto Cine
• Mammography Hanging Protocol
• Support Tomosynthesis
• Studies Comparison
• Commentary feature (Audio & freehand writing)
• Query images cross-sites in a hospital network

This application requires MobiPACS Pro server and this app installed on iPad 4th or later model can be used for trained physician’s CT/MR diagnosis or referring purpose.

Ver 1.1.7
1. Rad@ - Turn your iPad into Medical Display

Ver 1.1.5
1. MobiPACS Multi

Ver 1.1.3
1. Integration with ShareMi Server

Ver 1.1.1
1. Support iOS 7
2. Support Bar Code Scanning

Ver 1.0.8
1. Support Window Level, Line Measurement and Cine Loop functions for iPhone version.
2. Image layout setting will be saved and recalled next time automatically.
3. Multi-frame Images will start cine loop automatically after downloading.
4. Add "Play","Previous frame" and "Next frame" buttons.
5. Add "When you close application, close the study automatically" setting.
6. Add "When you close the study, delete the cache automatically" setting.

Ver 1.0.4
1. Support iOS 6 and iPhone 5
2. Support Cine Loop
3. Support Line Measurement

Ver 1.0.3
1. Support iDO Gateway Server

Ver 1.0.2
1. Support Evidence Document (such as PDF , QuickTime and MPEG4 Video)
2. Integration with the App, "Dr. Reminder"

Ver 1.0.1
1. Support integration with Web Page or 3rd party App via URL Schemes