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Seller: Ben Beeson
Price: FREE

Download Mokkit free via AppsHawk.

Design your perfect mobile apps on the go, directly on your phone. Interact with them live at the press of a button. Share screenshots and video captures with friends and colleges.


• Design your apps directly on the phone. What you see is what you get.
• Switch between designing and a living prototype at the press of a button.
• Create complex and rich mocks with multiple pages and workflows.
• Variety of interactive elements to add including textfields, buttons, sliders and tables.
• Bring your mocks to life with a variety of actions including opening other pages, alert dialogues, open webpages and sending emails.
• Share your creations through screenshots and video screen captures of interactions.

This is only the beginning with a lot more features in the works including:

• More interactive elements including maps and embedded browsers.
• Snap element positions and sizing relative to other elements and the page itself.
• Add and customise pre-build pages.

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