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Movie Charades Bollywood Edition

Seller: Swapan Sundoja
Price: FREE

Download Movie Charades Bollywood Edition free via AppsHawk.

Free!!!! for a limited time.
The greatest Bollywood dumb charades game is here. It is completely offline so you can play it while on the go, in the car or at your home.

This game will make your parties and get-togethers so much fun that you will cherish them forever.

-Awesome UI
-Hundreds of Bollywood movies in the collection
-Bonus Hollywood category for movies
-Handsfree game play - tilt to pass and rotate for correct
-Play with one friend or Multiple friends
-No internet connection needed

How to play:
-Place phone on your forehead facing your friends
-Your friends will dance, enact, yell to give you clues about the movie.
-If you guessed right, just rotate your phone to register the right answer and display next movie
-If it is too hard to guess, tilt the phone to pass and display next movie
-Guess as many movies as you can in 60 seconds

Have fun and don't forgot to submit your feedback by rating us!!