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Musica Eterna

Seller: Andre Goncalves
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The music about to be experienced in this App is being released in the tradition of a musical album, my first solo records since 2005. Over these last 10 years i went through several iterations in my approach to music, this release comes to close the circle on the way i came to think about composing music.

In this technological age, and for my musical work in particular, i find it castrating to perpetuate the tradition of fixing music to a timeline, releasing it in a fixed medium, in the form of fixed compositions of a fixed length. There was a time where the technologies were not available to make it in any way different. And, in this sense, even contemporary music made in non-fixed terms or incorporating chance in their scores would always be delivered to the public in the form of a record. Therefore not allowing the intrinsic properties of the score to naturally change at different listenings as they would if they were to be performed live. This, i always thought, was a major issue as it betrays the initial composer's idea.

Today the tools are here to allow composers to present and deliver music without these constrains. It's now common that wireless equipped portable devices, as following the Walkman tradition, allow us to carry "all" the world's music everywhere we go. The computation potential of such devices is what allows me to deliver this music to you in such a new form. This music will not repeat itself, ever.