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My Circle Journal

Seller: Olivia Grande
Price: 3.99

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My circle journal provides a new and unique journaling experience. You can post videos, photos, audios, and notes in private mode for your eyes only, or share them with the top 15 most important people to you, we call them your circle.

Having an intimate circle to share with, gives you the freedom to express yourself without feeling judged by society for being who you really are. This way of journaling helps you connect with your inner circle on a deeper level sharing moments & feelings that normally wouldn’t be shared on traditional social media platforms.

We also create amazing life videos for you each year so you never forget the life you lived.

Imagine one day being able to look back and see what your great grandparents were doing in 1889. Because of technology, one day our future grandkids will be able to look back at us and laugh about how we watched VHS movies, listened to CDs, and even had walkie talkies. That is our long term vision for my circle.

For those that prefer a more private lifestyle, get my circle journal. It’s never been easier to capture life’s precious moments with the journal that has it all!

- Share your best moments with your children, family and friends in private
- Post videos, pictures, audio notes and journal entries
- Automatically creates awesome life movies each year
- Mark your most epic moments and memories to find them easily
- Search through your posts by keyword or tagged name
- Add up to 15 friends to your circle to share your moments with them
- … And see the moments they’re sharing, too!
- View the map to see all the places you’ve visited
- Private mode to make a post only visible for you
- Receive notifications when a friend in your circle posts
- Add goals to your bucket list and share them with friends

Sometimes we don’t want to share content with the world on social media and we’d rather share it with those closest to us. With My Circle, it’s easy to keep your photos, videos and posts between you and your friends, family or group.

You can add up to 15 people to be in your circle where you easily share the content you’re posting and see what your friends are sharing, too! From photos and videos to bucket list goals, we help you stay connected with those closest to you.

Prefer to keep a private, personal journal for your eyes only? You can do that with My Circle, too! With easy to customize privacy settings, you’ll be able to choose whether your circle can see your posts, or if it stays between you and, well, you!

Ever tried to find a photo stored in your phone, only to have to scroll through hundreds – or thousands – of other photos or videos first? When you post to My Circle, you’ll be able to search through your previous posts using keywords and tags, making it super quick and easy to find specific photos, videos, audio files and journal entries.

What better way to look back on an amazing year than with a video? My Circle will automatically create a video using your moments and memories so you can sit back, watch and remember some of your year’s best bits. You can store you videos in the cloud, on your phone or share them with your friends!


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