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Seller: Billie Lue-fung
Price: FREE

Download MY DMI free via AppsHawk.

The most innovative and unique experience, teaching you how to create and live the life you truly desire by activating your innate intelligence, and also creating emotional, psychological and physical well being through the relaxation and development of your higher brain functions. This is more than an APP, it is a revolution in your Intelligent creative Potential and an evolution in successful life management.

Your DMI (Divine Mind Intelligence) is activated through specialized guided meditations that incorporate the science of combining Alpha and Theta level Vibration, Creative Emotional and Visualization, to “rewire” your subconscious mind and Affirmations which reverse all lower vibrational programming, allowing you to activate your true potential and achieve your goals by aligning your vibrational frequency to that of your DMI.

Billie Lue Fung has revolutionized the one to one client setting and transformed it into a refreshing global and personalized experience. Taking you on a step-by-step journey on your DMI Activation Process.

Everything you need to know about your DMI potential is given to you thorough very simple instructions making this DMI Activation Process a smooth and easy to use process.

11 DMI Activation Audios
Bonus Advanced Meditation
My Life Design Typing/Notepad Area
My Sounds personal Recording Device Recording
Sharing Your Experiences
Social Network Links for sharing

The Advanced Meditation and the Internal Recording Device, allow you to take your DMI Activation Process to the Next Quantum Level as you continually grow and experience your DMI Potential.