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My News and Sports App

Seller: Bob Rainis
Price: FREE

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Leading up until the election I got obsessed with watching the news, actually over-obsessed. Morning, noon, and night I wanted to see the electoral map, and couldn’t fathom, and actually feared, a Trump win.

When I woke up day after election, I freaked out, like many of us. I deleted ALL news apps from my phone, and I’m still going cold turkey on TV and Radio news.

BUT, I still want to get news that has been filtered for me.

My first idea was to just filter by “trump", but then realized there is much more I want to filter (bannon, christie, pence…), along with news about email servers, deflategate, benghazi ….

So, I wrote My News and Sports. It includes 50+ news feeds (including sports/entertainment/technology feeds), that you can choose from, and allows you to apply a set of filters against those news feeds.

If you like a nice summary of the news, with or without filtering, this is the app for you. In the first release, you pick one news feed at a time. A future release will allow you to choose multiple news feeds at the same time, and be more customizable.

In this release, some of the news feeds are Associated Press, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN, Espn, Financial Times, Fox Sports,Google News,The New York Times, NFL News, and much more, with more added for each release.

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