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Seller: bluPixel Studio
Price: FREE

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Stressed out? Stuck indoors? Trying to concentrate in a loud environment? Naturesong’s 22 realistic and high-quality soundscapes can transport you to another time and place, and a more relaxed state of mind. Enjoy a summer morning in the country, a quiet afternoon on a city terrace, or relax beside a rushing stream.

22 Sounds: Our sounds are natural and realistic. No algorithmic or synthesized sound here, only real ambience captured on high-quality equipment. Competing apps start you with 3 or 4 sounds and endlessly prompt you to purchase more; Naturesong includes 22 quality sounds out-of-the-box and more will be added.

Perpetual playback: Sounds play endlessly for up to two hours.

Timer: Fall asleep to our sounds! Set the playback timer to turn the sound off after 30 minutes, 1 hour, or two hours. When the timer is not set, default time out is 1 hour, to help manage battery life.

Clean UI: No overdone graphical silliness to fight through to get to your sounds; the UI is based on straightforward lists of categories, sounds, and favorites. There are NO ADS and we will NOT prompt you to purchase items in-app (in-app purchases may eventually become available but we promise no nagging - and that promise includes never placing a ‘buy now’ button so close to the player controls that you must have a stylus to press play).

Favorites: One tap adds the playing sound to your favorites list so you can easily keep track of the sounds you enjoy most.

Tag Filtering: Our tag filtering system allows you to discover sounds by detailed criteria, above and beyond our category organization scheme.

Dark UI: Opening some apps in a dark room can feel like a flashlight to the face; but not Naturesong. Our dark UI ensures you won’t be blinded when queuing up a sound at night.