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Nouned To Sleep

Seller: Bitcot
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If you've ever had trouble falling asleep or getting back to sleep, you're definitely not alone. Nearly 60 million people in the U.S. suffer some degree of sleep problems each year. A lot of sleeping issues can be the result of simply a busy mind at the wrong time - bed time. If this is you, then the Nouned to Sleep method and app are exactly what you're looking for.

It’s been said that you need to keep your monkey brain busy, so it doesn’t start thinking about life’s never-ending story and dramas.

Nouned to Sleep uses a unique method that prevents the monkey brain from finding opportunities to instill thought-havoc. Consistency and predictability are the monkey brain’s best friends. When it finds gaps or holes in a sleep technique, it will quickly fill the whole with content which makes your brain race. A busy brain cannot be a sleeping brain.

The Nouned to Sleep app combines relaxing HD background audio (Island Waves, White Fan Noise, Forest Stream, Summer Rain, Wind at the Beach and Meditative Om) with the Nouned to Sleep audio and visual method. Together they put your mind in a place of complete relaxation and directed still thought. The perfect recipe for meditation and quiet sleep.

Unlike other apps and methods you'll find on any app store, Nouned to Sleep is completely unique. It is NOT a guided meditation.

By using the Nouned to Sleep app, you're sure will fall asleep quicker, and find it easier calm your mind and fall back to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. And ultimately sleep like a baby.

The Nouned to Sleep app is a tool, created simply as a means of teaching you how to properly use this unique and effective relaxation and sleep technique.