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Nuansa - Inspiration Tool for Creative Minds

Seller: Nuansa LLC
Price: FREE

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For creative people, looking for inspiration often leads to copy other people's work. Instead, Nuansa suggest to find inspiration in nature photography, and play with color palettes, fonts and textures in order to quickly put together foundations of visual identity.

The first step is to get inspired by nature photography. Landscapes, aerials, plants, animals, underwater, macro, etc ... Nature is an endless source of inspiration; Any design work can find roots in colors, atmospheres, textures, patterns from nature.

A color palette is meticulously hand-picked by a designer from each photography in order to convey the overall picture’s tone, and gather a cohesive harmony. You can then adapt and manipulate the color palettes to match your ideas.

Once a visual mood selected, you can add and edit a name (brand, shop etc), and choose a font within the library of typography and examples, then adjust colors, size, etc.

Adding textures to the background gives personality to your color / font associations. You can browse amongst great patterns and textures, and adjust colors, opacity, etc.

You can then generate a pdf with your visual inspiration, color palette
and access to the respective fonts and textures / patterns used in your exports. The content generated can be used as foundations for any brand or visual identity.

Be inspired.
Be creative!