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Observation Eagle

Seller: Maciej Necki
Price: FREE

Download Observation Eagle free via AppsHawk.

Observation Eagle is a personalised data collection assistant, designed to help quickly gather numerical data and instantly analyse it.

Eagle provides variety of comparison methods, including the very flexible Chi Squared statistical test capable of comparing data groups up to 5 degrees of freedom.

No matter if you are a student, researcher, or a professional; scientific questions emerge in your head on a daily basis. Eagle aims to significantly speed up the process of drawing initial conclusions from virtually any potential research topics. As well as to motivate you to start recording what intrigues you in the world around you.

With eagle in your hand you can:

1. Record your data live, on the go.

2. Get summary of your data proportions and their relationships.

3. View ratio of your data groups.

4. Instantly calculate percentage compositions.

5. Verify mean value of your observations.

6. Assign your data with expected ratios.

7. Perform Chi Squared tests to estimate how significant is the pattern that you are observing.

8. See better the anomalies, Eagle highlights significant (p <= 0.05) probabilities in orange.

9. Stay focused on the data with elegantly dark interface.

10. Never be bothered by the app itself, Eagle is fully native and designed to cooperate with your iPhone at its best.

Never stop asking questions, and who knows, perhaps your initial conclusions will start a new fascinating discovery that eagerly awaits you attention.