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Seller: Jin Huang
Price: FREE

Download Offer24 free via AppsHawk.

Offer24 is a platform for immediate or last minute offers. You can find interesting offers if you need them in the next 24 hours ; or you can post a time-limited offer that others may be interested in.

How to find an offer:
Simply open the app and the app automatically shows the offers around you. If you find an interesting offer, send a message to its owner or follow the instruction. Then it is up to you and the offer owner how to finish the deal ;)

How to post an offer:
Just select a photo for you offer and provide all the necessary information, such as how long your offer is valid, how much you charge for it or your contact info. Your offer is fixed with your current location and will be shown to others within its showtime. After its showtime, the offer description will be hidden or you can choose to remove it permanently.

Offer24 is the perfect FREE advertisement platform for local shops, restaurants, short-time services, last-minute deals and local event, if you only want to reach the locals for a short period of time. Get your millions of potential customers or audiences now!