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On Duty - The Scheduler

Seller: VTSoftware
Price: FREE

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!!! Backup before Update !!!
The built-in-calendar is not really made for filling in your roster.
Typing the settings for every single shift is really annoying, isn't it?

"On Duty" is the solution:
The intuitive interface makes it easy to fill in your shifts and saves you time and trouble.
Once you defined your shift you can easily enter your roster.
It is also possible, to let "On Duty" sync with a selected calendar on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Resetting your device will cause "On Duty" to loose all given information?
By accessing the calendar you selected before, unless the entries are not manually deleted, "On Duty" is able to recover your data.

Moreover you can backup your data to your Dropbox account!

The integrated statistical function provides you with an summary (monthly, yearly) of your roster and can be printed directly from your device. Or you can export your duties to a cvs-formatted file.

Stay on top of things with "On Duty"!