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Open with Mantra Meditation

Seller: Michael Nardi
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This App is to support a daily Mantra Meditation practice based on Michael Nardi's book

Open: Mantra Meditation for Personal Healing & Self-Mastery

Will you choose to Open or close? In every moment you make a choice, you are either identifying with your victim or the Force Within. Choose to Open. These are commonsense teachings of Mantra and Meditation for the modern-day seeker. Learn to trust and believe in yourself with practices to Open. Mantra Meditation is a practice of will, choosing to let go of incessant thinking and emotional reactions to reclaim your Personal Faith. By choosing a new agreement to chant, instead of identifying with your story and mantra of misery, you are embodying the Force Within. You are Open.

Your New Agreement

Chant empowered sounds to:

Reclaim Personal Faith
Embody the Force Within
Solidify your Energetic Centers
Build Self-Awareness
Drop your Story

Learn the three levels of closing. The mantra of misery is the subconscious message you repeat to punish yourself. Your story, connects you to victimhood and the mind keeps you talking opposed to feeling.

Michael teaches you to drop your identification with the mind, your victim and mantra of misery by using the Sounds of Opening. These are one syllable mantras, which are easy to pronounce and highly effective tools to still the mind. You will use these sounds to solidify your energetic centers. There are also the Sounds of Mother to fluidly and heal emotions wounds. The Raksha Chants awaken the Forces Within. The Naga Raksha chant completes the system, this mantra quickly brings you back into the present moment and leads to self-mastery.

This is a complete system of Mantra Meditation for Personal Healing and Self-Mastery. It includes:

The Morning Temple Building Practice (20 minute practice)
Afternoon Temple Healing Practice (20 minute practice)
Evening Temple Awakening Practice (20 minute practice)
There are also two additional practices to help you when your mantra of misery is controlling you to bring you back into the Temple.
This complete system, enables you to weather the storm of opening your energetic centers and feeling your repressed emotions which have been enclosed in your emotional wounds to reclaim your Personal Faith to Open. (9 minutes each)

During the day, it is difficult to be present when you are triggered and closed. Whenever you face a challenge in your day, chant and Open. Sounds are positive triggers into Opening. As you are solidifying your centers of energy, you are re-wiring your system and forging pathways of Opening. Use the Sounds of Opening to bring you quickly back into yourself. They are short, one syllable sounds that are easy to remember, even when you are closed.

Click on what you are feeling and chant the corresponding sound to Open... there are over 45 different emotional reactions and physical challenges you experience throughout your day, which each have a corresponding sound and mp3 recording to use when you are experiencing them to OPEN you.

These 1-2 minute practices to recenter yourself

For Example:

• Foo- when feeling overwhelmed
• Boo- when feeling ungrounded
• Doom- when feeling anxious
• Ram- when feeling angry
• Gum- when feeling irritated
• Streem- when feeling physical pain
• Hlreem- when feeling stressed
• Sow- when feeling sad

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DISCLAIMER: Michael is not a licensed medical doctor nor claims to be. He has no clinical licenses. By practicing Mantra Meditation for Personal Healing and Self-Mastery, you are taking part at your own risk. There is no intention for this book to be used for treatment for physical or mental problems. Consult with a physician for medical evaluation and treatment.