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Seller: Rick V Fausett
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The app was developed at a major University for use as a way to record an Ophthalmologic Exam at the bedside or in the emergency department (away from the eye clinic).  This version is capable of creating an electronic record consisting of the text or CSV/Excel summary of the patient encounter, as well as a “.jpg” image of the entire patient record, and can be e-mailed to yourself or colleagues for documenting findings at non-office locations. The text output can easily be imported into your current electronic medical record and the image of the patient encounter (.jpg) can also be easily imported into an electronic medical record. This also incorporates field "pickers" for fields that have relatively well defined typical values. There are 133 (user modifiable and extendable) picker values available. These pickers significantly reduce keyboard time. In the case of the Slit Lamp Exam section, the picker allows multiple items to be selected, separated by commas. The picker data can be user modified in settings. This version also has Retinal vasculature added to fundus drawings to speed the drawing process.