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Parashoot Stan Retro

Seller: Gory Detail Limited
Price: FREE

Download Parashoot Stan Retro free via AppsHawk.

'Long thought to be lost, the original 80's classic that started it all has once again been found buried in the Nevada desert. Restored to it's former glory you too can now revel in low rent graphics, and distorted sound... We bring you, finally, Parashoot Stan Retro!!!'

From the designer of the BAFTA award winning 'Conker's Bad Fur Day' PARASHOOT STAN invites you to take on and defeat the antics of BARON BULLY and send him crashing from the skies. Dare you, Captain Stanley Ottershaw, take on the challenge? Find out how tough a war hero you really are.

- Stunning Lo-Fi Graphics for that blocky Retro Look!
- Stunning Lo-Fi Audio at 8KHz
- Touch and Tilt Based Controls
- Over 80 Achievements to Unlock
- Fully voiced cartoon characters
- Unlock new chutes and outfits
- Recruit multiple Pals to help fight the war
- Configure your play style with Pal Decks
- Game Centre Leaderboards
- Full Retina Support for both iPhone and iPad
- Cloud Save.
- Support for Virtual Joystick.

Do you speed ahead and smash through the onslaught, or take it easy and hope the BARON BULLY doesn't find you on his radar?

Zoom, spin, somersault, crash, dive, burn, bite, explode or shoot your way through wave after wave of different enemies, whilst hijacking or avoiding the socially awkward minions, the NOZZERS!!