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Perfect Produce by SparkPeople

Seller: SparkPeople, Inc.
Price: FREE

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Do you know how to tap a cantaloupe to judge its ripeness, or to look for asparagus with straight stalks and closed tips? There is a secret to determining the ripeness of every fruit and vegetable, and with these secrets, you never have to worry about coming home from the grocery store with produce destined to rot in a day or two. The problem, though, is remembering all the different ways to find the best food to buy when standing in the produce aisle. There are thousands of tasty and nutritious foods to eat, and no one can remember them all. That’s where the SparkPeople Perfect Produce app comes in.

We’ve taken all the tips and techniques you need to pick the right fruits and vegetables and put them into our app.

With our app, you'll get the following features:

Buying and storing tips - Learn what to look for when buying popular fruits and vegetables so you don’t waste your hard-earned dollars. But buying is only half the battle. We’ll also tell you the best way to store what you buy so it’ll last longer, stay fresher and taste better.

Preparation hints - Cooking a vegetable or fruit you haven’t tried before? Our app has the information you need to handle your produce like a pro. Bought too much for the time being? We have suggestions on how to best save your bounty for the long haul - freezing, drying, or whatever works best for what you have.

Complete nutrition information - Perfect Produce is a companion app to the #1 healthy-living website in the U.S., We believe knowing what you eat is the first step towards watching what you eat. Every piece of produce in this app features detailed nutritional information based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Healthy, delicious recipes - So, you've found a piece of produce you’ve always wanted to try, but you don’t know where to start. Have no fear! With this app, you have access to over 450,000 tried and true recipes, categorized by the main fruit or vegetable. By downloading our Perfect Produce app, you get full access to every recipe from, our healthy recipe sister site!

The ability to save your favorites for later - Found a particular piece of produce that you love cooking with? Our app makes it easy to save your favorite foods and recipes, so they’re just a flick of a finger away.

So much produce, so many questions. We’ve got your answers. Download the app today to make healthy meal planning and grocery shopping easier!