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Photosets Live Smart Camera

Seller: Cosmosent
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"Photosets" is a rare camera app, that enables you to Push the Performance Boundaries of what's possible with your particular Apple mobile device ... making it unlike any other camera app on the planet !

In fact, Photosets is (easily) the Most-Advanced & Highest-Performance camera app on the planet, & certainly in the iOS App Store !

From a high-level perspective, Photosets is simply "Burst mode done right !"

It enables you to capture up-to 45 photos per Burst, at up-to 30 photos per second, and at a capture resolution of either 12 Mpx, 4K UHD, or 8 Mpx !

Once captured, you can Edit, Make Videos, and Make Video Stories !

Photosets is an ideal fit for the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as any newer iPhone or iPad with 3 GB or more of DRAM ! ... over the past year, we've done 95%+ of our development & testing on our iPhone 7 Pluses ... as such, Photosets is fully optimized for dual-camera iPhones !

Photosets "v2.11" represents THE mobile industry "benchmark" for LiveColor / Vivid Color / Wide Color capture & display ! ... stated differently, Photosets is the technology leader when it comes to Apple's Display P3 extended color space technology !

NOT ONLY is Photosets the ONLY camera capture app that embeds the all-important Display P3 ICC (color) profile into the Metadata of each captured Wide Color photo, but it also enables you to "make" LiveColor / Vivid Color / Wide Color "videos & video stories" from your captured photosets ... NO OTHER app supports this capability !

It's a Camera, Editor, Video Maker, & Video Story Maker, all in one app ! ... in addition to enabling you to Trim your photosets, the Editor enables you to tag up-to five Favorite photos per photoset, which are sent-out with the video when you make a video from a photoset ... and most-importantly, you can make your Favorite photo selections independently, time-wise, from when you decide to Export or Share !

Photosets is very-likely the single-best camera app you've never heard of ! ... It's 3-year R&D anniversary was Sunday, September 10th ! ... now at 12,000 R&D hours and counting (and yes, all into one single app) !

It's ideal for Sports, Female Photo Modeling, and Dynamic Nature Scenes !

It is a Screenshot-limited app ... meaning, we've devoted over 99% of our time & energy into our Engineering Tasks ... that will change soon, as we (soon) kick-off our very-first marketing & branding effort !

And because Apple transitioned to Display P3 / Wide Color before transitioning to 10-bit color depth, Photosets includes an sRGB / P3 toggle switch in the camera UI, enabling YOU to control if and when to capture in each particular color space (supported on Apple mobile devices that support Wide Color capture).